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The Hometown Kid: The Luke Beatty Story 

Name: Luke Beatty 

Birthday: August 9, 2001 

Year: Senior 

Height: 6’0 

Sport: Baseball 

Position: Catcher/Designated Hitter 

Fun Fact: He used to play the Saxophone 


Introducing Luke Beatty 

The Luke Beatty story begins and continues with baseball. He began playing baseball when he was just 6 years old and hasn’t taken a year off since then. At the young age of 9, he began playing travel baseball. Baseball has always been a staple in Beatty’s life and that didn’t change when he got to college. 

The 6-foot-tall senior has spent his entire life working to get to the point that he is at right now. Hours of time spent working with coaches, teammates, family, or friends has led him to be successful where he is today. But that hard work is just the beginning. 

The Hometown Kid 

Bethany College is a small college tucked away in the hills of West Virginia. There aren’t too many neighboring towns in the same area as Bethany. One of these towns that is close to Bethany is the town of Follansbee, West Virginia. Follansbee is a small town (Just 2.09 sq. Miles!) located about 25 minutes north of Bethany. Only 2,800 people live there! 

One of those people is Luke Beatty. Luke didn’t have to travel too far to find his next step in life, as Bethany gave him the chance to continue his baseball career at the collegiate level. 

“It was by far the best decision I have made,” Luke said, when asked about what brought him to Bethany and how it has affected him. 

Being able to represent Bethany College has a special meaning to each student and staff member on campus. But, to be able to represent a school that is just a 30-minute drive away is definitely pretty meaningful. Luke Beatty was always destined to be a Bison and he wears the bison with pride and integrity. 

Developing as a Leader 

Since his arrival on campus in the Fall of 2019, Luke has developed tremendously as a baseball player and as a leader. As a baseball player, he has put up some pretty good numbers at the plate. Last year, he held a batting average of .263 and tallied 3 home runs and 3 doubles. 

This season, Luke has some pretty tough, but achievable goals. 

“My goal is to hit .315 or better and to have as many home runs as I did last year [3]," said Luke. "The team goals I have are to win 25 games as a team and get into the PAC Championship Tournament.” 

After only seeing 3 at-bats in his freshman (COVID shortened) season, Luke now finds himself as an integral piece in the middle of the Bethany batting order. But almost every athlete can find themselves getting better by the year. The most remarkable advancement that Luke has made has been as a leader. 

Luke is one of the most vocal, outspoken players on the team. He has quickly become a person that the younger bison can turn to with questions or concerns. Developing into this kind of leader is honestly not very common but Luke took the opportunity when it presented itself and has thrived as a leader. 

With the kind of improvements that Luke has made, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as one of the top hitters in the Bison lineup this year. Remember the name. Luke Beatty, the Hometown Kid, is coming for some accolades this spring. 

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